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how do I roast a chicken?

There is nothing quite like a GOOD roasted chicken, Like fall off the bone, lemony, salty, crispy skin goodness. Sometimes I have time to plan ahead and others I am scrambling to pull something together on the way home from the office. Here are a few staple roasted chicken recipes that will have you covered whether you have 30 mins or an entire day. {TIP:} If you like your skin nice and crispy (like I do) be sure to pat the skin dry with a paper towel before adding any seasoning.

roasted chicken
Under an hour: this recipe for Meyer Lemon Roasted Chicken is packed full of flavor and by cutting it into pieces, you also cut the cooking time by almost half. This is the perfect last minute recipe to keep on-hand if you need to entertain last minute.
A decent hour or so: Thomas Keller’s Simply Roasted Chicken consists of five ingredients you are sure to always have in the pantry (well, except for the fresh thyme) and the only thing this recipe really needs time to cook. So pop the chicken in the oven while you prep for dinner guests (add potatoes and shallots to the pan and you have a one pan meal ready to go.
An all night affair: sometimes you just need a little time. Letting a whole chicken marinate overnight in this olive oil/lemon/sage mixture is never going to be a bad idea. I would add some garlic to the mix and get ready for this chicken to fall off the bone.


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