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inspiration // gearing up for spring

It’s Monday and after recovering from an office outing last week, I spent a majority of my weekend at the spa putting myself back together. That also meant I logged some major pinterest hours and got so inspired to get back to entertaining in the coming weeks. Here are a few things I am loving…

1. Bread doesn’t always have to be savory, I could eat an entire loaf of this chocolate bread. Knowing me, I might add some sea salt to the top.

2. As we gear up for spring (it’s coming, i can feel it) this floral table runner is perfection. Forget the vases, just pick an place flowers along the center of the table!

3. Adorable alphabet paper plates. I would use these at any party, not just for the kiddies, and use as place settings for a casual lunch or brunch.

4. Prosciutto-Wrapped Truffle Fries– go! a shortcut version: pick up the garlic fries from trader joe’s, bake and add a little truffle oil to the garlic mix.

5. Peach flowers, so pretty!

Happy Monday!

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