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tips & tricks // updating the potted plant

One of the perks of working in advertising and events is you get the best post shoot swag. A few months back we had these large glass cylinder vases and I knew I had to find a way to use them in the apartment (they are just too fabulous to waste). The solution: forget the traditional potted plant, embrace the clear vase! Truth be told, this is a total experiment. My track record in keeping plants alive is pretty grim, but I am determined to break that trend. I ventured down to the flower district over the weekend (28th street between 6th and 7th avenues) and made my way around the different shops. I settled on the bird of paradise (non flowering) plant for its large beautiful leaves that would add just enough green, but not too much, and for $50 bucks it was the perfect price. The addition of river rocks to the bottom of the vase help with the lack of drainage in the vase.  I am totally in love and so far they look like they are happy in their new home!

A few things to note/how to. I cut open the plastic container along the side to divide up the three plants. Place the rocks in the base of the vase, add the plant, and finish with the remaining soil. Fill the vase with water until the soil is wet, but not drenched.
Happy Planting!


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