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in the kitchen // radish love


The sun is finally coming out and spring menu planning is in full effect. Last week I was having dinner at the NoMad and couldn’t pass up the buttered radishes with sea salt. What came out was beyond perfection- perfectly butter coated radishes with a mound of sea salt on the side. I was reminded how much I love that crispy crunch of a spring radish and that they are so much more than a salad topping! Here are some great radish recipes that are the perfect addition to any spring meal.

keep it simple with butter and sea salt like the NoMad

offset the tartness of with these honey-roasted radishes.

this braised butter dish would be great to server with

who knew by adding a little honey and cinnamon an popping them in the oven, you would have a great new topping for your yogurt!

images via links above


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