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inspiration // spring pasta

This weekend was exactly what you would expect from April with blue skies, flowers blooming, and it finally felt like I could walk around without worrying about how cold it was outside. I spent much of the weekend catching up with friends as my work life has taken over much of the week these days (sorry for being MIA). With the warm weather, venturing to the market has me longing to get my cook on. The truth is however, as a single gal, it’s hard to make cooking a priority when 90 percent of the time I am cooking for one. I hate buying food and not knowing when I will have the time to make anything of it.  Then a week later throwing it away because I never got around to actually doing something with that bag of Meyer lemons I was determined to make some amazing dish with. I am trying to get past the idea that cooking for one is a waste of time, but it’s honestly depressing to spend so much time on a dish to only enjoy it alone. I am still working on a solution, but in the meantime here are some spring pasta’s that I am determined to tackle in the coming weeks be it alone or for friends.

image via feating at home


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