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setting the table // pasta bowl love

As I began to cook at home more and more, I found myself always reaching for my cereal bowls.  From pasta, to even a steak dinner, I liked having that bit of a ridge to keep all the flavors playing together. While my cereal bowls were getting the job done for my solo dinners, I wanted to add something to the cabinet that could be used for those times when I actually had someone over. Little did I know how these pasta bowls would become the only dish I would want to use. From serving chips and dip, to stews, and even waffles for breakfast…I found myself grabbing these for every meal and party.

I did a bit of a search before I finally picked this set up for just $29.99 and will say it was one of the best additions I have made to the kitchen mix.. I might just need to get a second set!


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