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tips & tricks // the perfect sunday morning

It might be Tuesday, but I am already thinking of Sunday.  I know, Sunday marks the end of the weekend, but Sunday morning is that quiet time when you can truly relax. Forget errands and late night plans, Sunday is my time for lounging and truly taking a moment. Who cares if I stay in my pj’s until noon? Give me the NYTimes, a cup of green tea, an easy breakfast, and I’m a happy girl. Here is how I am setting the table and whipping up an easy breakfast that is high on relax time and low on kitchen time.

On the table // Last week I was out having dinner with friends at a little place in the East Village. They were using old newspaper sections as the placemats, so of course my mind went straight to Sunday brunch. Why not take sections and set them as the placemats for your weekend table? They are the perfect size! You can adjust the sections to match your guests interests and it can be a fun way to spark conversation around the table.

Onto the menu// I like to keep Sunday simple. I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen flipping pancakes while my guest(s) get to read the newspaper and enjoy their tea. Say hello to my pancake solution- the blueberry pancake bundt cake (think we need to work on the name, but everything is automatically pretty when you bake it in a bundt cake pan.)  You can prep this in five minutes, pop it in the oven while you get your lounge on and 25 mins later you are ready for some casual Sunday brunching.

The Blueberry Pancake Bundt Cake Recipe 
Jentertaining Blueberry Pancake Bundt Cake
What you need:
6.5″ Bundt cake pan (serves 4 or two people who like to nibble throughout the day)
1 1/2 cups pancake mix (makes 11-12 regular pancakes)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 egg
3/4 cup water
cooking spray

Pre-heat oven to 350
Whisk pancake mix, egg, water, and greek yogurt in a bowl until almost smooth (a few lumps is okay)
Fold in fresh blueberries
Coat the bundt pan with cooking spray
Pour batter into bundt pan (should be 3/4 way to the top
Bake for 25-30 minutes
Remove from oven and flip onto a plate.
Top with maple syrup, powdered sugar, and fresh blueberries


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