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A whole new world

Say hello to the newest addition to the Jentertaining family! I have been dying to spill the beans about the little house I bought upstate, but wanted to have all the contracts signed (my hand still hurts from signing away my life!) before I shared all the details.

The long of the short of it is, I am turning 35 this year and wanted to start living the life I wanted to live now and not wait for all the other bits and pieces to get situated (aka finding a guy who actually has his life together – never knew that was going to be so hard to find) Anyways,  I had always envisioned having an apartment in the city and buying a house upstate, so why not do it now and enjoy it? It was a stressful process which included a couple of panic attacks, but my parents, friends, and one fantastic real estate broker helped me keep it together while I wrote the biggest checks of my life. The first night felt kind of surreal, but waking up that morning it finally felt like mine.

What’s next?  I have big plans for this little farmhouse and look forward to sharing all my projects and parties here as the blog expands into a whole new space. I think the first order of business might be to give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint, oh and giving her a name! There will definetly be some epic dinner parties on the back lawn at some point in the near future.

I’m still working out how best to share this journey, but stay tuned as I sort it out. Thinking it might be a combination of the blog, instagram, and periscope (for the video bits), so make sure you are following me!



  1. Rebecca Grunde says

    Congratulations Jennifer! So exciting to have your own home

  2. Sally Brown says



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