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an outdoor dining table – the rustic approach

jentertaining on the lawn

While I slowly being tackling projects inside The Cottage, the outdoors are really one of the special places where I can experiment with different set ups when having guests over. While this past weekend I was excited to have friends over for my first outdoor dinner party, I was not ready to commit to spending $$$ on an outdoor table quite yet. Instead, I opted to spend about $60 and take the more rustic approach. Just add in a blanket and some pillows, and you are ready for a casual table setting on the lawn. Now I just need to get the lawn prepped for next season!

What you need:
– 2 pieces of birch plywood sizes 2 ft X 4 ft (I like the finish and might stain one side down the road)
– 3 concrete blocks (you might want to get a thinner block to give you a couple more inches of height – like these)
seats 4-6 people / or you can use just one piece of wood and two blocks if you want a table for 2



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