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just add hardware – a kitchen update

I’m excited to share the latest update to the kitchen – new hardware! The knobs and handles really pull the cabinets together.

When it came to the hardware installation, my saving grace was this alignment template for cabinets. It was a lifesaver, and made the process so much easier. I can’t imagine trying to measure each door – no thank you. I wanted to keep thinks simple with the hardware, so these black metal knobs and handles in a matte finish were a great find. They have a nice weight to them and add the perfect finish to the doors.

Making his blog debut, say hello to Erick. He has become my partner in crime Upstate, and as you can see, he knows how to use a power drill (added bonus!). He is wonderful and I feel very lucky to have someone who loves this little house as much as I do.

My other project was assembling this step stool that just needed a little extra love. Thanks to the leftover white paint from the kitchen and some painters tape, the step stool now feels like a piece of furniture vs. just a stool to keep in the corner.  I might get another one and use it as a side table (crazy, i know!)

It is officially fall up at the Cottage! The leaves are just starting to turn, you need a sweater in the early morning hours, and evenings by the fire pit are a must.  This weekend was filled with small project updates, a little cooking, and a lot of relaxing. It’s nice to go up and not have a laundry list of things to accomplish. The kitchen still has plenty of updates to come, but for now I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. The counter and sink are next on the list, but that will take a little longer, so hold tight!


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