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the 15 min flower box update

As I dive into updates at The Cottage, the one piece I am most nervous about is the landscaping. I can’t keep a plants alive! Remember when I planted those succulents a few months back? dead.  I’m determined to overcome this gardening fear and have ordered bulbs and wildflowers as my first real planting experiment with hopes to plant them in the coming weeks. While I wait, I decided the sad flower box in the front of The Cottage needed some love and a quick update.

I took the dark green plastic planter that was already there, some leftover chalk paint left behind by the previous owners and painted my little heart out for 15 mins. I painted just the outside and the top 3 inches of the inside with one coat (yep, just one coat). I let it dry and moved over to planing. To gear up for winter, these kale cabbage plants in  purple and green seem like a nice low maintenance option, we shall see how they fare.

Not all updates need to be big projects, and this quick flower box update was a nice way to make a small change to the front of the house.

Happy painting!


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