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the quick breakfast

Well hello! I simply can’t believe it’s almost the middle of December! How the heck did that happen?! The holidays are in full swing and I made it up to the cottage this weekend to enjoy a quiet couple of days before the endless holiday parties and festive ensue.

So, I did a quick update to the front sun porch and I whipped up a breakfast, that was total accident, but is now one of my favorites. Don’t worry, I have it for you below along with toast trick that was also a total accident. Isn’t that how the best things always come about?!

Here you go…

Scrambled Baked Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes

It was Sunday morning and I realized there were only two eggs left and two  of us, which isn’t enough to just scramble, or so I thought. I still had some cherry tomatoes left over from the night before, so I pulled out my small cast iron skillet (they are perfect size for sides and small dishes) and got creative.

What you need:
    perfect for two – double for 4 and of course use a larger skillet 🙂

  • 4″ cast iron skillet (like this)
  • olive oil
  • cherry tomatoes (a handful)
  • 2 eggs
  • salt ( I prefer Maldon)
  • fresh cracked pepper

Turn on your broiler (you know, that little door at the bottom of your over – it’s not just a place to store pans) Coat the bottom of the skillet in a olive oil, add the cherry tomatoes, salt & pepper and pop in the broiler for 3-4 mins. Check every few mins – pull them out when they start to blister.

In a bowl whisk together eggs with salt & pepper and a touch of water. Once you have pulled the tomatoes out, add the eggs and pop back in the oven for a couple of minutes until golden brown. That’s it! Serve on a trivet straight on the table.

***Toast tip*** Slice a baguette and place the pieces in the broiler for 2 mins until golden brown. In a larger skillet melt a pad of butter and toss in the toasted baguette slices. Say so long to trying to spread cold butter.

A peek at the latest Cottage updates

I have had my heart set on painting the front sun porch before the winter chill hits, and with the 50 degree weekend it was my last chance to get a fresh coat down before the weather was too cold.

I know it’s no surprise at this point that my color of choice is white. This time I used a Behr porch paint in Polar Bear that has a nice crisp tone perfect for an outside/inside space. I did three coats on the sides, and two on the floor. The whole project took me about 3 hours to complete from start to finish. I still need to actually stripe the paint around the windows and repaint them, but that is another project for another weekend. For now, I’m going down the rug/porch light rabbit hole looking for the perfect fit.

Take a look…

jentertaining porch progress before

from green to white

Jentertaining porch progress

a clean slate


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  1. Ken Brown says

    Jen painting? You go girl. Your green to white photo tip, cut in with a paint brush on all 4 corners before you use a roller in the middle. Love, Dad


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