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It’s not all perfect

If there’s one thing the Cottage has taught me, it’s that there is always a project on the horizon.  That, and just because you know how you want something to look, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. With winter settling in, being able to dive into projects has gotten a bit harder. Case and point – a couple of weekends ago I went up to the Cottage by myself after the holiday to complete into a quick project – painting the cabinets in the den. There are just two of them, and in my head once I took out the glass shelves, painting it would be easy breezy. Well, turns out removing the shelves isn’t an option, so the blue masking tape came out and added a good two hours to each of the two cabinets. By the time I finished one, I just didn’t have it in me to get to the other. I convinced myself with the internal mantra of – “I’ll do it next time I’m up” that was two visits ago and they still aren’t done. My focus moved to the living room where I desperately needed to get the seating situation sorted out. I tried the daybed I scored on Ebay, but it was just too wide, so am testing out the military cot  (also an Ebay find) you see above. I think it could work if I get a cushion made – what do you think?

Of course, now the rug is too small, so that will go upstairs and a new one added to the ever growing shopping list. Which leads me to my next rant about getting the rooms completed…

I love this house, I love the process, but it is testing my ability to take a step back and realize I don’t have to have everything done at once.  I have a new tactic for tackling the rooms that is starting to really help me curb the need to have them not only designed but finished all at once. I have a private Pinterest board for each room. I get the thrill of “shopping” by only putting my final selections for each of the finishes on each of the boards. I’m not going to look at them for a couple of months. By then I’ll have pinned a million other ideas to my main board and I can start to ask myself if my “final” selections are still my favorite.

Just having them sorted into smaller boards that are the final items already has made it easier for me to visualize and will make it easier for when I’m ready to actually purchase all the items (aka – when I have enough $$$ saved) This also helps when I see things go on sale – I love a good sale and coupon code! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

So, to the title of the post, It’s not all perfect, it really isn’t and I’m okay with that. Not every project is going to get completed in a weekend and shot beautifully for Instagram. Sometimes, I just want to make a cup of tea, sit in my green chairs, and enjoy my Pandora Hipster Cocktail playlist (don’t let the title throw you, it’s legit). So, the blog might suffer for it, but just know when I am here; I am honest, I am trying to share with you my experience, and I hope you find something to inspire you along the way.

Here is a pic of the challah bread I attempted to bake this weekend, it didn’t go according to plan, but I’ll get there with practice, just like the Cottage.

baking fail_ jentertaining






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