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Where do we go from here?

LIFE: It definitely isn’t all perfect. I’ve gone quite for a couple of months, as my personal life needed some attention. Going back and reading my last post, I find it actually perfectly aligned to what was about to happen, but at the time, I was willing to just go with the flow. The result –  I’m single again – in fact, I’ve been single for most of the last two months. It’s a story and a relationship not worth divulging, but the silver lining has been,  that drive, that push, that fire, that feeling I could be doing so much more is back. What does that mean exactly?

I’m a believer in putting things out into the world, and by doing so, it will help drive to make them actually happen. SOOOO, I have am starting to work on a plan to bring the elements of entertaining at home to life. I want to make things, I want to make products that deliver on the notion that every gathering, every meal, every conversation deserves that personal touch.  This is just the beginning, but I’m determined to create something special. I will be coming to you for your thoughts and ideas – so get ready.

First Question: What is the your staple entertaining item? (napkins, a favorite serving bowl? what do you automatically use when you know you are having people over?)

THE COTTAGE: An update on the Cottage. My parents are coming out in a few weeks and we will be diving head first into some big projects (the kitchen floors and tiling the kitchen walls) It’s going to make such a difference! I have a few flowers starting to sprout, and can’t wait to see everything blooming in a couple of weeks. I’m now on Snapchat – so follow along and see we get into. username is : jentertaining

I was up last weekend, did a little painting, and swapped out my wool blankets with some new lighter  chambray throws that will be perfect for the cool spring nights out by the fire pit. Such an easy update that really helps bring in new colors and textures to the house. I was up at the Cottage by myself (sometimes you just need to be alone) and found myself setting the table for one. I had a moment where I asked myself if it was worth the fuss to pull out linens, plate my sides, etc. The answer is, YES! Yes, I am worth a five extra minutes and a couple of extra dishes to wash, to sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the lovely dinner I had prepared. It reminded me that every meal is important, and it isn’t about the perfect instagram photo, it’s more about taking time for yourself, making every moment special, and allowing the world around you to slow down and enjoy the day.

I promise to update more, but make sure you are following me on instagram (@jentertaining) as I tend to post there more frequently.

Have a happy easter! I’ll be dying eggs and drinking plenty of wine.




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