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A little one year celebration

and just like that, my first year as a homeowner is in the books. It’s hard to believe it’s actually been a year, but a couple of weekends ago it was my first anniversary with the cottage. I realized it a few weeks back when I was coordinating the summer weekend calendar with friends (you know I have a google doc, right?) It was the perfect opportunity to throw a belated housewarming to invite my friends who have helped make this place my second home. My number one tip for entertaining is to actually enjoy the party you are throwing. Once the first guests arrives, make sure you have a glass of wine in your hand and enjoy. So, here are some pics from the party paired with some of my entertaining tips to help make throwing a party easy and (more importantly) fun for both your guests and for YOU!

Setting  the Scene:

jentertaining housewarming

Use what you have. I don’t have a table and chairs for 25 people (at least not yet) so combining some blankets, cinder blocks, and wood panels makes for the perfect outdoor dining table. It’s a great mingling location and takes minimal effort to set-up and take down. Also, invest in a VERY long strand of bistro lights. These were leftover from my brothers wedding and I use them all the time.


housewarming buffet

Setting the Table:

You know I love a good picnic spread. Make a three dishes that actually require cooking. In my case it was a tomato/ kale pasta salad with garlicscape pesto (thanks Clara for the pesto magic), a peach/tomato/burrata salad, and grilled steak and veggies. Both salads can be made in the morning and I waited until most of my guests arrived to grill the steak. The rest of the spread was a mixture of cheeses, meats, fruits, and some classic chips, salsa, and generally things that just looked good at the store.

It was the perfect afternoon filled with great food, plenty of rose, and surrounded by close friends who at the end were happy to help me clean up. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year has in store!

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  1. Elle says

    Beautiful pictures! I love the cylinder block table idea + the blankets + the lights.. . the cutest!


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