the “jen” in jentertaining…

My love for entertaining at home started as a child when my mother would plan parties for every possible holiday on the calendar from Valentines Day to St. Patrick’s Day to the family favorite, Oktoberfest. It is only fitting that, as an adult, I would find myself planning events for a living. After concentrating in Special Event Management at Cal Poly, I moved to the city I love, New York and have spent close to a decade planning events throughout the city. This city inspires me to always look for new ways to keep events fresh and exciting. Entertaining at home should be fun–not intimidating. I look forward to sharing my finds and ideas with you…and maybe a recipe or two from mom.

Some fun facts…
I don’t drink coffee, but I do have a hot chocolate or chocolate milk almost everyday.
Born a California girl, but consider myself a New Yorker.


much love,



  1. Hey! It was so great meeting you at Alt last week in NYC. The dinner at ABC was soooo beautiful! Also, just discovered we’re both Cal Poly gals (SLO or Pomona? I was SLO).


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