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the quick breakfast

Well hello! I simply can’t believe it’s almost the middle of December! How the heck did that happen?! The holidays are in full swing and I made it up to the cottage this weekend to enjoy a quiet couple of days before the endless holiday parties and festive ensue. So, I did a quick update to the front sun porch and I whipped up a breakfast, that was total accident, but is now one of my favorites. Don’t worry, I have it for you below along with toast trick that was also a total accident. Isn’t that how the best things always come about?! Here you go… Scrambled Baked Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes It was Sunday morning and I realized there were only two eggs left and two  of us, which isn’t enough to just scramble, or so I thought. I still had some cherry tomatoes left over from the night before, so I pulled out my small cast iron skillet (they are perfect size for sides and small dishes) and got creative. What you need: …

tips & tricks // herb infused water

Last night I ventured out to Brooklyn for Sunday Suppers, part cooking class, part dining experience. It was just what I needed to get my cooking juju back. More to come in the coming weeks with some fabulous spring recipes and cooking tips, but thought I would kickoff this beautiful Monday morning with my new spring water go-to. The folks over at Sunday Suppers set out a trio of water pitchers filled with a selection of violets, rosemary, and mint; many of the items we would be using in dishes later in the evening making it the perfect pairing (and I know I always have leftover). Instead of the standard citrus, the fresh herbs gave the water just a hint of herbal goodness. Let’s not forget how pretty it was to look at. Just keep refilling the pitchers, no need to add additional herbs and flowers, they will last all night. New spring staple!!!!

in the kitchen // sea salt chocolate chip cookies

Sometimes a girl just needs to get her bake on and last night I just couldn’t avoid the baking bug! Nothing feels cozier than a warm chocolate chip cookie at the end of a meal. This version kicks the flavor up a notch with the addition of sea salt that makes you ask yourself “Can I ever have a chocolate chip cookie without salt again?” My friend Clara introduced this recipe to me last year from Not Without Salt and it quickly became one of the few things I feel comfortable baking. By making the dough in one large batch and freezing them in individual logs, you will always have a dessert option ready to go! I love the smell of cookies baking and as the host you can quickly cut them, plop them on a baking sheet, and bake in the oven while your guests relax after dinner. Sometimes the best desserts aren’t fancy, they are simple and oh so delicious.