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getting together // a breakfast setting

While I dive back into blogging, I am taking some time to look back on some images and ideas that I loved, but hadn’t quite made it to the blog. Today is all about taking the time to set the table for breakfast. I love a Sunday morning, making waffles (did you see my new waffle maker over on instagram?!) and enjoying a little CBS Sunday Morning. It can seem like a lot of extra work to set the table in the morning, but the picture above took me less than 10 mins to pull together.  It’s the little details, like pouring juice into a pitcher, putting butter into a container, and pulling that vase of flowers from the living room onto the kitchen table. Think about how NOT doing those three things would change how you feel about the picture? It’s the little things that make a big difference, even when it comes to setting the breakfast table. As the weekend is finally approaching  (it can’t come soon enough!) I am heading out to …

getting together // the Tumbler

This is no ordinary tumbler. No, this is the one glass you can use year round from summer cocktails to hot chocolate and they will keep the cocktails cold, and the hot toddies hot. Say hello to the Bodum® Pavina 12 oz. Tumbler. I received a set of these for Christmas a couple of years ago, but just recently pulled them out of the box. What the heck took me so long?! I love the way they really let any beverage take center stage and the best part, your hands never get too hot or too cold because of the double layered glass. I am always hesitant to add new glassware to my collection, as space is limited, but given I can use these pretties all of the time- they made the cut. I am off to whip up some hot chocolate!

How do I?… avoid Valentine’s Day

Is this not the best Valentine’s Day card ever? My girlfriend sent it and I was crying with laughter the moment I opened it. That being said, if you looking for some Valentine’s day inspiration, I can tell you with certainty you won’t find it here (ever). Even when I was in a relationship, it just wasn’t my thing. So, instead of wasting a perfectly good dinner reservation on a prix fixe menu, I am keeping it low key with friends, a bottle(s) of wine, a great meal (that is totally TBD), and maxing out my Netflix account. Feeling like this is the perfect plan.