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{monday flowers} adding a pop of red

Well hello, Monday. After spending five days in the country in seven degree weather (yes, seven degrees!) and eating way too much turkey, I can’t even begin to think about food. It doesn’t help that for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to have a grilled cheese for lunch today- I will be paying for that at pilates later this week.  Before I left, I planted the two packs of paperwhite bulbs my mother had sent over in her care package. I swear, sometimes I think she forgets that I live in a studio apartment. Almost every vase I own is now home to at least two bulbs. That being said, there isn’t much room left for additional flowers this Monday, but if you loved planting paperwhites as much as I did last year, I would try amaryllis this season to add that pop of holiday red to your holiday decor. My friends mother had three buds in a simple pot and they were the perfect addition to the living room coffee table. …

{Monday Flowers} Leaf Love

It is officially fall and I can’t help but bring a little bit of foliage from the park into the apartment (don’t worry, I’m not cutting down any branches) I picked up a few branches from my corner store this weekend for my living room and they should last me until Thanksgiving, you just need to change the water every couple of days, the same way you would with cut flowers and you should be good to go. Magnolia leaves are my favorite for fall decorating, you can use both sides to add some dimension to your arrangement and they really fill up a vase. Happy November! {Image source: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 }

{Monday Flowers} Marigolds

Somehow September is upon us, and while I had a lovely summer, I am looking forward to spending more time around the house and throwing a dinner party or two down the line. Fall is one of my favorite season, the warm sweaters, hot chocolate, with cozy evenings spent in the kitchen. When it comes to fall flowers though, I have a hard time making that gentle transition from summer to fall without it feeling like a hard switch. While at the market earlier today, I came across the tried and true marigold and it was the perfect solution. They are an annual flower and peak in the summer and fall. With their rich orange color, it gives any room that bright pop of color while gearing up for the colors of fall to come. And at $5.00 a bunch, you can’t go wrong with the price. Happy Monday!