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{pin this} making my list

As a girl who’s birthday lands just ten days before Christmas, I have grown accustomed to the “birthday/Christmas” gift situation. At this point, my parents know all I really want are winter tights and cinnamon rolls, so they have it pretty easy. Plus, I will admit that I am not an easy person to shop for (I tend to buy things for myself before anyone has a chance to get in on the action). Here are a few things I have on my radar for the apartment in 2014… I am in the market for a new tea kettle and this beauty would be the perfect addition to my stovetop think it’s about time I splurged and bought a gold flatware set for those cozy winter dinner parties I need to get on the calendar this chair is my newest obsession. I am trying to convince myself to wait until I have a bigger apartment, but something tells me I just won’t be able to wait this guy won’t be joining the family anytime soon, but a girl can dream This …

{pin this} time for fall cocktails

Today was the first day in the City that truly felt like fall. I finally switched over the wardrobe and broke out a jacket. During the first few weeks of fall is the perfect time for entertaining at home. No need to worry about the sweltering heat (from outside and in the kitchen), everyone is back from vacation, and before the craziness of the holidays sets it is the perfect time to catch up with friends over a cocktail (or two). This weekend I am having a few friends over to do just that and got my pin on with a few inspiration ideas- check them out! forget the crostini! use dried fruit as your vessel. getting in the mood with the right color palette update plain popcorn with a little rosemary loving this cocktail recipe it wouldn’t be a cocktail party without a little brie who says you have to use flowers to set the table? Make sure to check back next week for the results. Happy Thursday!

{pin this} fall transitions

First things first, for the next two weeks I will only be posting on Monday’s. Will be back in full force on the 23rd. (Work life is taking over once again!) I might be busy, but you know I always have time to pin a few things.  It’s a good way for me to see where my mind is at, and it’s clearly ready to make the transition into fall. So this is short and sweet, but checkout these links below for some of my favorite pins this week. potato chips get a makeover, I am in! simple and green, the perfect table setting for an early fall dinner setting. Loving this solution for making hash browns. I want to get one more evening dinner outside under the stars. Peach season is coming to an end, what better way to enjoy that sweet goodness than with a peach mojito.