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things are finally cookin’

What a week! Where do I even begin? My parents arrived and we quickly made our way up to the Cottage.  I had a laundry list of projects I had hoped to tackle while they were in town. As you can see, the biggest project was the kitchen. Here’s a recap of what we did, what I learned, and what we used. I will be following up on the floors in a later post (I’m saving that for the big dining room reveal) THE BACKSTORY/ VISION: As you know, I am a big fan of white. It’s an easy way to instantly make any space feel fresh and updated (and boy did the kitchen need it.) I had already painted the kitchen cabinets last summer when I first bought the place and have been dreaming of taking down the ugly wallpaper and weird fake stone panels that adorned the main wall and backsplash ever since.  I wanted something classic and clean, and not too country. This was a DIY project from start to finish, and …

Parental Invasion

As we speak, my loving parents are on a flight out from California to spend the next ten days with their favorite (and only) daughter. On the agenda? you guessed it, Cottage projects galore!!!! From tiling the kitchen to finally removing the remaining linoleum in the kitchen and master bedroom (That’s right, there is linoleum in the bedroom).  Sprinkling in plenty of baking and some gardening out front, the next week is going to be an adventure to say the least. I will be introducing Ken and Sally to snapchat, so be sure to pop over to see the progress. snapchat: jentertaining I posed the kitchen tile question on Facebook and Instagram – skinny or wide charcoal grey grout? and the winner was def the wide. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The summer calendar has filled up quickly with projects and friend visits and I can’t wait to get back to late nights by the fire pit with a glass of rose. Cheers!  

Fixin’ and cookin’

I had big plans to tackle the front porch floors this past weekend, and even went as far as picking up all the materials. Yet, some of the smaller projects I had planned took a little longer than expected when you throw a dinner party into the mix. So, while I was in the yard attempting to plant bulbs ( I hope something grows); Erick tackled replacing the broken door knob in the bathroom. What a difference it made to change out the mis-matching fixture for brushed bronze – what do you think?! In the kitchen, I stuck with my favorite fall recipe – Pot Roast! The aroma filled the house and set the tone for a cozy fall evening. I made the mashed potatoes ahead of time, so all I had to do was whip up some broccoli rabe right before serving. Erick and I had the neighbors over for a casual Saturday dinner, which of course turned into a few rounds of Left, Right, Center (the perfect post dinner game when you might be drinking, and …