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tips & tricks // the perfect sunday morning

It might be Tuesday, but I am already thinking of Sunday.  I know, Sunday marks the end of the weekend, but Sunday morning is that quiet time when you can truly relax. Forget errands and late night plans, Sunday is my time for lounging and truly taking a moment. Who cares if I stay in my pj’s until noon? Give me the NYTimes, a cup of green tea, an easy breakfast, and I’m a happy girl. Here is how I am setting the table and whipping up an easy breakfast that is high on relax time and low on kitchen time. On the table // Last week I was out having dinner with friends at a little place in the East Village. They were using old newspaper sections as the placemats, so of course my mind went straight to Sunday brunch. Why not take sections and set them as the placemats for your weekend table? They are the perfect size! You can adjust the sections to match your guests interests and it can be a fun way …

setting the table // pasta bowl love

As I began to cook at home more and more, I found myself always reaching for my cereal bowls.  From pasta, to even a steak dinner, I liked having that bit of a ridge to keep all the flavors playing together. While my cereal bowls were getting the job done for my solo dinners, I wanted to add something to the cabinet that could be used for those times when I actually had someone over. Little did I know how these pasta bowls would become the only dish I would want to use. From serving chips and dip, to stews, and even waffles for breakfast…I found myself grabbing these for every meal and party. I did a bit of a search before I finally picked this set up for just $29.99 and will say it was one of the best additions I have made to the kitchen mix.. I might just need to get a second set!

tips & tricks // herb infused water

Last night I ventured out to Brooklyn for Sunday Suppers, part cooking class, part dining experience. It was just what I needed to get my cooking juju back. More to come in the coming weeks with some fabulous spring recipes and cooking tips, but thought I would kickoff this beautiful Monday morning with my new spring water go-to. The folks over at Sunday Suppers set out a trio of water pitchers filled with a selection of violets, rosemary, and mint; many of the items we would be using in dishes later in the evening making it the perfect pairing (and I know I always have leftover). Instead of the standard citrus, the fresh herbs gave the water just a hint of herbal goodness. Let’s not forget how pretty it was to look at. Just keep refilling the pitchers, no need to add additional herbs and flowers, they will last all night. New spring staple!!!!