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tips & tricks // updating the potted plant

One of the perks of working in advertising and events is you get the best post shoot swag. A few months back we had these large glass cylinder vases and I knew I had to find a way to use them in the apartment (they are just too fabulous to waste). The solution: forget the traditional potted plant, embrace the clear vase! Truth be told, this is a total experiment. My track record in keeping plants alive is pretty grim, but I am determined to break that trend. I ventured down to the flower district over the weekend (28th street between 6th and 7th avenues) and made my way around the different shops. I settled on the bird of paradise (non flowering) plant for its large beautiful leaves that would add just enough green, but not too much, and for $50 bucks it was the perfect price. The addition of river rocks to the bottom of the vase help with the lack of drainage in the vase.  I am totally in love and so far …

tips & tricks // the fridge is your friend

Picking up flowers every week is just one of those things that will always be a highlight of my week. The only problem, this cold weather is making my apartment like a sauna, turning my flowers sad and droopy. Taking a page from my local florist, it’s time to pop them in the fridge. So, before I leave for work in the morning I place the vases in the fridge and take them out when I come home. I know it might seem like a silly step, but it has doubled the life of my pretty petals making it totally worth it!

tips & tricks // boxwood and a bobby pin

Here is a quick napkin ring DIY I pulled together on Christmas Eve when I just wasn’t happy with how my table setting was coming together. All you need is a branch of boxwood ( I picked some up from the corner store for $3.99) and a bobby pin. The boxwood branch is flexable enough to wrap around the napkin and truth be told I always have a fresh set of bobby pins stashed away. Done! I am off to Mexico in the morning and the blog is going to go dark while I soak up some much need sun. See you in the New Year! XOXO- jen image via