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Beach Weekend…Here We Go!

It is amazing how long a week can feel having just had a shortened week before. As you you might have guessed from my Monday post, I am READY for a few days away. Here’s the plan… {Drink This} If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be on the porch drinking pitchers of these. {Read This} A fun read over at Vogue Daily that helps answer that burning question of what not to do when flying to your weekend destination on a friend’s plane. Something I am constantly worrying about, in my dreams! {Make This} I am not a big fan of salads, but this salad is a nice twist that is full of flavor. (I love anything with cumin!) Given I will be hitting the farmers market hard on Saturday, I am looking forward to picking up some yummy options to mix in. {Do This} Put my Blackberry away and get my backgammon game on! Love this roll-up board What are you up to?

Al Fresco…Mexican Style

I have a couple more days left out at beach, but we had a lovely dinner Saturday night that I just had share. Despite my love for great food, I am actually not a big cook. My other half is really the one who kills it in the kitchen, and I consider myself a great sous chef and the one to pull it all together and “make it pretty.” After a little time on google and pinterest, I pulled together a fun Mexican menu we enjoyed al fresco on the porch. All of these fresh and light flavors really worked well together and it was perfect after spending a day in the sun. I was able to take a photo before everyone dug in! On the Menu: Grilled Cod Tacos Toppings: Carrot-Lime Slaw White Sauce Mexican Cheese Mix Guacamole Lemon Wedges Sides: Tomato and Cucumber Summer Salad with Grilled Corn (I made sans onion and cheese) Cilantro-Lime Rice Chips and my Homemade Salsa

Off to the beach

I am heading out for a mini-vaca this week and am so excited to spend some time on the beach and log so major jentertaining hours. Here are is a sneak peek of some of the things I will be working on. Starting the weekend off right with my homemade salsa, and fire up the grill to try this fish taco recipe. After friends collected shells a few weekends ago (see image above) they challenged me to “jentertain them“…challenge accepted. Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to share with you all of my beach inspired ideas!