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A little one year celebration

and just like that, my first year as a homeowner is in the books. It’s hard to believe it’s actually been a year, but a couple of weekends ago it was my first anniversary with the cottage. I realized it a few weeks back when I was coordinating the summer weekend calendar with friends (you know I have a google doc, right?) It was the perfect opportunity to throw a belated housewarming to invite my friends who have helped make this place my second home. My number one tip for entertaining is to actually enjoy the party you are throwing. Once the first guests arrives, make sure you have a glass of wine in your hand and enjoy. So, here are some pics from the party paired with some of my entertaining tips to help make throwing a party easy and (more importantly) fun for both your guests and for YOU! Setting  the Scene: Use what you have. I don’t have a table and chairs for 25 people (at least not yet) so combining some blankets, cinder …

setting the table // pasta bowl love

As I began to cook at home more and more, I found myself always reaching for my cereal bowls.  From pasta, to even a steak dinner, I liked having that bit of a ridge to keep all the flavors playing together. While my cereal bowls were getting the job done for my solo dinners, I wanted to add something to the cabinet that could be used for those times when I actually had someone over. Little did I know how these pasta bowls would become the only dish I would want to use. From serving chips and dip, to stews, and even waffles for breakfast…I found myself grabbing these for every meal and party. I did a bit of a search before I finally picked this set up for just $29.99 and will say it was one of the best additions I have made to the kitchen mix.. I might just need to get a second set!

inspiration // breakfast in bed

  It feels like winter will never come to an end and looking at forecast this weekend, I might not leave my bed. I am all about cozy pajamas, a good book, a delicious breakfast , and a beauty mask (or two). On cold days , it’s all about entertaining for one (me)! Here’s the plan… – A goal for 2014 is to step up my pajama collection, and these J Crew pajamas are classic addition. – Nothing says cozy like the perfect bedding set, I love a set of crisp white sheets. Baked Blueberry French Toast, enough said. I can’t wait to try this fun twist. – I am all about a homemade mask and this Green Tea and Honey Mask by Wit & Delight is easy and you probably already everything in your pantry. – Picked up ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette for my trip last month, but never got around to cracking it open. That all changes this weekend. Have a great weekend and stay warm!