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{How do I…?} Fold a Napkin

We are going back to the basics today (heads up: this will come in handy when you see my DIY later this week) While being able to make a napkin look like a bunny is cute, it really isn’t my style. I tend to stick to the classics and found a couple of videos that will have you folding like a pro in no time. Here are two of my favorite go-to napkin folds that are great to have in your entertaining repertoire. The Basic Roll Up: You tend to see this fold out at every restaurant, yet we rarely do it at home. It is a classic setting that serves as a great base for any table setting. This video is beyond cheesy, but totally shows you how to accomplish the roll up in no time. The Napkin Pocket: Taking your napkin folding skills to the next level, the pocket allows fora clean flat finish that allows for plenty of added entertaining details from place cards to menus.  Here is a great video that shows you step by …

{Entertaining} Don’t Forget the Napkin

We have all been there, you sit for dinner and realize you have not one paper napkin left in the house. The backup plan? the good old paper towel. It gets the job done, but when I am having friends over I do like to kick it up a notch. From paper to linen, there are plenty of options you can quickly store and pull out when the time is right. Here are some options that you might not have considered, but are great additions to your entertaining routine.  images & where to find via: 1// 2 // 3 // 4