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setting the table // pasta bowl love

As I began to cook at home more and more, I found myself always reaching for my cereal bowls.  From pasta, to even a steak dinner, I liked having that bit of a ridge to keep all the flavors playing together. While my cereal bowls were getting the job done for my solo dinners, I wanted to add something to the cabinet that could be used for those times when I actually had someone over. Little did I know how these pasta bowls would become the only dish I would want to use. From serving chips and dip, to stews, and even waffles for breakfast…I found myself grabbing these for every meal and party. I did a bit of a search before I finally picked this set up for just $29.99 and will say it was one of the best additions I have made to the kitchen mix.. I might just need to get a second set!

getting together // a breakfast setting

While I dive back into blogging, I am taking some time to look back on some images and ideas that I loved, but hadn’t quite made it to the blog. Today is all about taking the time to set the table for breakfast. I love a Sunday morning, making waffles (did you see my new waffle maker over on instagram?!) and enjoying a little CBS Sunday Morning. It can seem like a lot of extra work to set the table in the morning, but the picture above took me less than 10 mins to pull together.  It’s the little details, like pouring juice into a pitcher, putting butter into a container, and pulling that vase of flowers from the living room onto the kitchen table. Think about how NOT doing those three things would change how you feel about the picture? It’s the little things that make a big difference, even when it comes to setting the breakfast table. As the weekend is finally approaching  (it can’t come soon enough!) I am heading out to …

inspiration // the perfect spooky setting

UGH WORDPRESS- here is the post that was schedule for yesterday! I have a hard time loving Halloween. Trust me, I have tried to get into the spooky spirit, but always find decorating for the holiday a little too cheesy for my taste. Instead of trying to decorate the house, I am opting to do my version of a classy (ugh, I hate that word) Halloween table setting by adding some simple scary touches to my everyday tableware. Here are some of my favorite finds that have me ready to hit up my local Michaels this weekend. These bloody cups are simply genius! Snake Candleholders, yes please! I might spray paint mine silver to tie the center of the table together. Spider Plates– the perfect DIY to add to your everyday plates or for a larger event you could apply this to clear plastic ones to make them extra special. I have a couple of Halloween parties coming up and still no costume. Any ideas?