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tips & tricks // Tattly Garden Pots

I am a HUGE fan of Tattly temporary tattoos. These are not your ordinary temporary tats, nope these are truly mini works of art. They are so pretty, I just had to find a way to make them a little more permanent. Say hello to my Tattly Garden Pot. This is such an easy project, that adds a little fun to an otherwise ordinary garden pot. These would also be so cute as a centerpiece for a summer table setting. My styling ideas are starting pile up, there are so many possibilities! {How To} Place the tattoo on the pot (just like you would on your skin) With a damp sponge, wet the tattoo paper for a good 30 seconds Remove the paper backing and PRESTO! *If you want to remove, it will rub off with the scrub side of a sponge and some hot water.