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tips & tricks // the fridge is your friend

Picking up flowers every week is just one of those things that will always be a highlight of my week. The only problem, this cold weather is making my apartment like a sauna, turning my flowers sad and droopy. Taking a page from my local florist, it’s time to pop them in the fridge. So, before I leave for work in the morning I place the vases in the fridge and take them out when I come home. I know it might seem like a silly step, but it has doubled the life of my pretty petals making it totally worth it!

{Tips & Tricks} Popcorn For One

Hello Monday, I have been dreading you all weekend. I finally spent some time putting my entertaining hat back on and had a few friends over for some fall cocktails. More of that later this week, but I thought a little tip would be a nice way to start the week. I was pulling together my menu and really wanted to make the rosemary popcorn recipe I found last last week. Displaying it in a big bowl just didn’t seem like the right for a cocktail party. So, after a little digging at my local HomeGoods store, I found these small baking boxes that were the perfect size for a single serving. Sometimes it isn’t about what you are serving, it’s about how you serve it that makes it special. You could use these a variety of cocktail nibbles and the best part, no dishes to clean after. I prefer to use a variety container sizes in neutral patterns with cloth napkins verses buying paper plates and napkins. It ends up costing me the same …

{Tips & Tricks} Turkish Towel Love

Today’s post is definitely a tip. If you pick up one item this spring that you will find 100 ways to use all the way through summer, it is the Turkish towel. They’re lightweight, easy to clean (they get softer with every wash), and come in every color under the rainbow. Use them as a towel, throw, swim wrap, table cloth,  the possibilities from the park to the beach are endless. They are one of my favorite hostess gifts, and a travel essential in warm weather. where to find and images via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4