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the quick breakfast

Well hello! I simply can’t believe it’s almost the middle of December! How the heck did that happen?! The holidays are in full swing and I made it up to the cottage this weekend to enjoy a quiet couple of days before the endless holiday parties and festive ensue. So, I did a quick update to the front sun porch and I whipped up a breakfast, that was total accident, but is now one of my favorites. Don’t worry, I have it for you below along with toast trick that was also a total accident. Isn’t that how the best things always come about?! Here you go… Scrambled Baked Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes It was Sunday morning and I realized there were only two eggs left and two  of us, which isn’t enough to just scramble, or so I thought. I still had some cherry tomatoes left over from the night before, so I pulled out my small cast iron skillet (they are perfect size for sides and small dishes) and got creative. What you need: …

tips & tricks // the perfect sunday morning

It might be Tuesday, but I am already thinking of Sunday.  I know, Sunday marks the end of the weekend, but Sunday morning is that quiet time when you can truly relax. Forget errands and late night plans, Sunday is my time for lounging and truly taking a moment. Who cares if I stay in my pj’s until noon? Give me the NYTimes, a cup of green tea, an easy breakfast, and I’m a happy girl. Here is how I am setting the table and whipping up an easy breakfast that is high on relax time and low on kitchen time. On the table // Last week I was out having dinner with friends at a little place in the East Village. They were using old newspaper sections as the placemats, so of course my mind went straight to Sunday brunch. Why not take sections and set them as the placemats for your weekend table? They are the perfect size! You can adjust the sections to match your guests interests and it can be a fun way …

Beach Weekend…Here We Go!

It is amazing how long a week can feel having just had a shortened week before. As you you might have guessed from my Monday post, I am READY for a few days away. Here’s the plan… {Drink This} If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be on the porch drinking pitchers of these. {Read This} A fun read over at Vogue Daily that helps answer that burning question of what not to do when flying to your weekend destination on a friend’s plane. Something I am constantly worrying about, in my dreams! {Make This} I am not a big fan of salads, but this salad is a nice twist that is full of flavor. (I love anything with cumin!) Given I will be hitting the farmers market hard on Saturday, I am looking forward to picking up some yummy options to mix in. {Do This} Put my Blackberry away and get my backgammon game on! Love this roll-up board What are you up to?